Anonymous: You don't have to tag stuff with trigger warnings, girl! Do whatever you want. Your blog, your life! I understand the whole trigger issue very well but it gets a bit ridiculous sometimes. Like what did people do before trigger warnings? Love ♥

No, trigger warnings are super important and other anon was right, I just wish that the message hadn’t been sent so soon after said text posts. When I’m working myself into a frenzy through day dreaming about suicide, things that you don’t want to read are things that involve you being less than self-centred. Also I forget that this tumblr is meant for landscape pictures and whatever. Time and a place. That said, when I word vomit, it isn’t second nature to me to instantly trigger warning a post. I want it the fuck out of my head, it’s not particularly conscientious.

Obviously I don’t want to trigger or upset anyone, but of course good intentions only go so far.

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Anonymous: hey love, do you mind tagging posts that you make about eating/body issues, food, etc? some people who follow you might also have eating/body issues and reading that stuff could be triggering! just a thought. hope you are feeling better and you are truly beautiful <3 <3

ha it was only a matter of time

back to the creation of a specific blog for this shit

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Catapult - Arctic Monkeys 

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